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  1. cool i gotto eat too now ill play some after, i dont use any chat/friend programs though lol.

    just a tip, in the begin wave6+ might be hard so camping allot helps u stay alive, get your hp stats up and vampirism is very important. infinite guns (lightblue) rocks, they let u shoot unlimited bullets, together with vampirism this rocks lol
    easier to get a specific gun by keep dropping guns/picking up new ones (u need to bind a key for dropping weapons to do this) but loaded artifacts lvl 2 i think it was let u create magic weapons for each 15 mana

    anyway dont worry about dieing too much, other people can revive u too with necromancer magic (atleast if there are other ppl online)
  2. i did get it to work. its really fun im just eating. add me on xfire - fearflam . and we'll play some
  3. hahaha i think i installed it right so lets find out. im downloading all the in game stuff now
  4. i might be on a bit too but i need to farm my tomatoes in time lol (playing farmerama too xD)

    if u get any issues like map not loading and/or invisable monsters in the server i mentioned deleting everything in C:\Users\xxx\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Cache fixes it. you will have to redownload the monster/map files again(directly from the server) but atleast u can play this way :P
  5. alright im just trying to mess with my settings a little then ill be on.
  6. what vers. of battlerpg are you playing on?
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