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  1. oh my gawd our conversation is so not for children! cigar banned me over 1 pokemon picture with 1 groudon and kyogre, idk maybe he has some sick imagination..
  2. What the...
    What did you get banned for? Doesn't make any sense.
    Well... if it was Cingal it kinda makes sense.
  3. oh well, cingal banned me though it was a boring forum with little activity and the more the days go by gay mods are added into the moderation team whee! and i don't think i want to see anymore of that, Good bye! - meow T_T
  4. you get TWO and i'll double comb your beautiful hair lady
  5. Shade was saying something about using Canadian proxies, doesn't sound like a bad idea... now if I could find one of those...
  6. theres this proxy thing that candy got it to work but i need to know how he did it, he seemed to be connected to his friend in america and it definately wasn't that cwappy teamviewer nor hamachi because those suck and dont let you even press gamestarto~!
  7. That dial-up son of a ***** stop messing with Meowy's computer!
  8. Mo-daddy stoopidzor loki hurt u daughty
  9. no u
    NO U
  10. let me guess what you said to gene, I LOVE YOU MARRY ME BOY! I AM A HOT GIRZ
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