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  1. It's OnRPG, yo, gotta get used to it. And Bryan is a good guy.

  2. wow, Bryan gave me an infraction for telling a guy to please go back to tokyo because he said he had a blast visiting there for his vacation.. which was clearly a soft joke =.= i never ever got warnings on this site and he claims that i recieved warnings before which i haven't kay kay.. i don't even...

    abhorsen called me a btch and only got a warning, i wish i wasn't hated and got warnings for once. *sigh*
  3. That's too risky ._. You can loose all you have. You can move in my house, I got two anyway. Pick which one.
  4. where else? CASINO~!
  5. O.O But that costs like 100 000 bucks. Where am I gonna get that much cash?
  6. i want you to buy me a house, that is all.
  7. o: I'm sorry my lady, how may I be of service? <33
  8. make awesome comments about me!! it's not fair how you treat an animal better than a lady!
  9. O.O But I'm Jack Bauer! Bring it on! *Readies his USP Compact*
  10. i'll still kill ya

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