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  1. WICKED do you still play anything? Haven't talked to you in ages.
  3. Forgive me. I really never understood the game, I loved the concept.. a darker setting, old school vampires. I love it. Just... couldn't have it have been.. a JRPG? Or something?
    Lol.. just minus the J... I don't know. I don't play much games now, I've been kinda busy with work and shit, so a casual game is recommended.
  4. How dare you.
  5. ...Okay, fine. I never played Castlevania. I'm sorry. Side scrollers don't appeal to me, unless you count Super Mario and Sonic.
  6. If you like castlevania, you'll like it. Trust me.
  7. But you don't even have a life, so what's the real problem? I missed you. *Sniff* Foreveralone.jpg.

    But in all reality, I have no interest in a 2D mining game, bro.
  8. Look it up, it's sucked 17 hours from me since it was released on Monday. @_@
  9. I have no idea what Terraria is though, that's the major issue.
  10. I could give you my spare terraria account and we could play for a bit if you wanted later.
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