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  1. Oh hey der!
  2. We come and go as we please...just like air
  3. You keep disappearing, you reprobate.

    Sky? Exactly. You and Cloud both disappear from contact so often we might as well call you The Thin Air Bros!
  4. Don't forget to poke holes in the box when you send the...OH! I get it.

    No sweat. You're a fan of the Lima. One nation under Lima (I WISH! BADUM-TSH!).
  5. No prob. Ill send you more sexy chicks as I move along. I find those HIDDEN gems.
  6. Aha! A spy!

    Fair enough, good luck with various college related things. Don't forget to reply when you have a chance.
  7. I wish. Id have ton of sexy "only for me (and maybe you ) photos". Naw right now its research for a company. That combined with daily college shit.
  8. Haha, reply whenever you have time.

    Where do you work, the Playboy Mansion?!
  9. To many sexy girls distract me
  10. lol IM WORKING, but Im online. I see your PM just not responding
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