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  1. Enjoy the game, the slow motion cut and slash never gets old.
  2. Some advice in Dead Island, don't pick Purna. You don't get guns until you are a fair bit into the game, and don't get decent guns until later. Besides, guns don't kill zombies as well. Learn to stomp as early as possible, it's almost 1hko when zombies are down. And if you picked Logan, just grab and take useless knives and chuck n' forget. Only thing he has going for him is his fury, and gets tired way too fast until you get conditioning. Sam and Xian are the folder and cannon, for down to earth smash and cut.
  3. Hello Mora, I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining my new role play which has just started. Check it out and see if it appeals to you. Ego Draconis.

    Thank you very much!
  4. No problem, just message me when a new arc is starting. And I'll try to get in at the next arc.
  5. Hey Mora, sorry I've only just got back to you, but currently the places in which people can join are full You can join in the next chapter/arc however! as a new person will be introduced each arc
  6. Just drop by to say that I saw your RP, but currently, I am still laboring over preparation for a midterm. I can join the RP after Wednesday, if you still need more players to play.
  7. Sure, I'll try the best I can, but it will be hard to promise as the month ahead are filled with midterms.
  8. Hello Moratorium, I see you are still lurking around in these forums and was wondering if you would like to join my latest project (when it is finished ofcourse) this weekend. It is the most amount of effort I have put into a role play, and I collaborated with a friend of mine from college to write the story...Thanks, get back to me when you can
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