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  1. Yeah, I've seen most of the new models ^^. Glad you gave me that link though, never hurts to remind myself of the awesomeness to come! Easily the best thing I like about these new models is how different they look from one another. Orcs really looks like orcs and not humans with bad teeth ^^. Oh! And Khajit actually have fur now so that's a plus.
    I'm also glad they went back to the Morrowind look with Dunmers, it suits them much better than the Oblivion look.

    I don't know which race I'll play first yet. Both Argonian and Khajit look nice, but so do the Dunmer. I usually go with a sneaky class and Nord doesn't really fit that description so they are out ^^.
    By the way, I don't think it's generic that you go with a Nord first. They fit the world so they are an easy choice, plus they look cool.
  2. The first part of the Skyrim demo is on youtube now. I don't have the link but I bet you can find it ^^.
    True, a nice little teaser from GTA V would be cool to see. We'll see.
  3. Ah, thats a shame. Its been announced we will see skyrim in about an hour and a half. Well what I really want to see is a GTA V announcement, but I don't think Rockstar present at E3 because they don't need exposure to sell the game, basically GTA V is bigger than E3 and it already has a brilliant fanbase, it will be announced when it wants to be announced. But if it was announced, it would have tipped the favour in one of the E3 press conferences . Shame they didn't just do a teaser with the logo, following a snippet of the city that you will be on..but..bleeeeehh.
  4. Skyrim demo already ended but I'm sure they will put it up somewhere soon. It was surprisingly short, felt more like 15 minutes than 30 minutes. Then again there was a short commercial break.
    Gametrailers might have it later.
  5. Yeah the fable rail-shooter is very dissapointing! Give me the link to the skyrim stream Takesh!! haha
  6. The Skyrim's 30 minute demo is on G4 stream. It's just about to start!
  7. Oh yeah, and what the heck was up with the new Fable? A rail-shooter.. Really? It's a fantasy game, turning it into a rail-shooter.. that's just one big "No".
  8. Yeah, I'm watching the interviews and aftershows now. The press conferences are over for me.

    Nintendo's conference ended an hour ago and.. Well, Nintendo knows how to "WOW" the crowd ^^. There was an actual orchestra there playing songs from Legend of Zelda. They also revealed the new console.. WiiU. A terrible name if you ask me but it has potential. Thing is.. it's only a controller, not a new console BUT! There is a big "but" there. The controller is more powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3 O.O ! It's going to get Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil and many other games from the other consoles!

    PSVita does seem interesting and it's relatively cheap too. Maybe I'll get my hands on it, we'll see.
    Yup, still no news on Last Guardian. There has also been no news on the 30 minute demo on Skyrim. Those two are the only things I'm waiting anymore.
  9. Ahhh sorry I didn't reply to your messages last night, I shortly feel asleep after because I was really tired, ended up missing half the conference! But I saw the new assassins creed, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the idea of an older, and wiser Ezio looking back on his life knowing that all his life was lived for revenge, and goes on a pilgrimage in order to find spiritual enligtenment.

    I heard that there was no news on the last guardian! Thats pretty sad news! Hopefully you can get some news on it soon though! Maybe the 3rd Party team will announce information by their own accord during the e3 show!

    Are you watching the press conference now? There hasn't really been anything that appeals to me apart from the Playstation Vita. Thats definately a handheld console that I'll be getting when it is released in europe next year!
  10. Nothing about Last Guardian.. the only worthwhile thing to see was Uncharted 3's gameplay footage. They just went on and on about PSMove and PSVita(NGP).. Such a disappointment. Well it's 5 AM, I think it's about time I hit the bed ^^.
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