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  1. :] you're the only one I can think of :X haha.
  2. Yuss :3
  3. Kuh~ Dx Another person that wants me to get a PS3.. maybe I should just give in and get it already..
  4. You should get a PS3 :o So then maybe I could actually play games with you sometimes, since my PC is a P.O.S. >:c
  5. I didn't see a robot show :o sounds fun though. And yeah, I think his name is Beemo <3 Soooo cute haha.
  6. Did you see that robot show? I forgot the name, but it was a little entertaining!

    Finn's little computer is amazing though. xD
  7. Yesssss me too :] Haha. Its pretty boss when Finn sings too

    I love that show. And Regular Show. Both are soooo good Way better than Spongebob ever even hoped to be haha.
  8. Yall tried that before, but it didn't quite turn out right~

    Lmao. I looove that song. <3
  9. A beehive oh noooooooooo, don't put your foot in there guy!

  10. Get on MSNNNNNNNNNN :o
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