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  1. There's a Chun Li mod?!?! whereeee O__O
  2. Are too D: I like the zangief and chun li ones..
  3. S'okay; your secret is safe with me (:

    Too bad there's no mods for graps.
  4. Eep! Oh nu!

    Dun dun dunnn
  6. xD I have a Nen: SugarQuote, Monk: Historian, Grap: HERM1T, and currently on a fgunner unable to decide what to make it :/

    are fspits better at solo/pve or fmech?
  7. I have lotsss. Mostly on Mille (Grap) Minksie (Street Fighter) Acrossu (Nen) and Abbi (Striker)

    ...I like fighters.
  8. Guess I'll just wait till tomorrow too. Sighh, really was looking forward to getting Dempsy Roll and Dopple blast D:

    Time to read Game of Thrones I guess.

    Whats your IGN in DFO? We could party I'm only around for another week though D:
  9. dfo has been down for like..8hours. I'm just waitin for tomorrow! and yes, yes it does look like that. <3
  10. lol it looks like 2D minecraft o3o
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