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  1. me just liter all over your activity box, check it out amigo! :sexy:
  2. nani?! i thought we were nakama! HOW THEE DARE YOU TEH KICK FAGMUFFINS!!!
  3. yikesu you're even older than your great grandma! mamamia~
  4. i feel my tailbone!! EEEEP~~~~ help >_____________<!?!!? what do i do what do i do eeeeeeeeeeeeek im getting a tail ewwwwwwwww no way eeeeeeeeeeep~!!!!! >.<
  5. then this other guy posts that some people escaped the beam special attack when its suppose to make the enemies stunned (not able to act of any sort) and he has mentioned they haven't used the melee special attack to get out of it and then some guy says they used special attack when the guy just got out form lag -.- ( go to mime's page for previous story, and go to orpheus, fullmetal, groteske and bacns page for more previous stories)
  6. you're a 98 year old phone according to maria layed a marry lamb i mean jesus was marias mom i mean mom was marias mom o.0 what
  7. You look like one. . .oooooh pwned, watchout!
  8. you eat donkey balls =(
  9. Stfu ffs, you little furball!!!! >.<

  10. my Your PM box is 100% full.
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