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  1. Hey bro, can you bump my PS3 Gameshare thread <3 It'd be awesome if you could participate also! I'm willing to let you grab a bunch of games from me, check out the list you can have em for free in celebration of your new PS3.

    I only ask for Fat Princess if you get it some day
  2. So we were all partying in my lawn one day...enjoying some brews and some tokes between friends. Well, we made a fire in my lawn, and decided we really needed some marshmellows for the fire. We got coat hangers and bent them before we realized that we didn't have any marshmellows...DAMMIT. So, me and Tiffy sent my friend Bill down to the store...because of something he did (don't remember what)...we gave him the money though. 30 minutes later (its a 5 minute bike ride, there AND back) he returns with no marshmellows and a "Griffith Energy" jacket. He goes "DUDE! LOOK AT THIS JACKET! IT FELL OFF SOME DUDES TRUCK AND I STOLE IT LOLOLOLOL". No marshmellows. Lmao. I slapped him and took my money back, so we decided to make hot dogs on the fire instead.

    Even funnier yet; the fire went out, so we decided to restart it, but not very safely. I poured some sort of flamable liquid on the fire, and Bill lit it without even standing back. Before I could say anything, he is blown back like 5 feet by the fire lmfao! Burning sticks were raining everywhere. He swears to this day that the jacket saved him from getting horribly burned.

    The end
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