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  1. you on burning legion horde? says player not found
  2. Just leaving you a message to let you know that my rogues name is Offthechainz.
  3. Burning Legion sounds fine. I'll try to log on today and I'll leave you a message. PM me your characters names that you think you might be on to get in contact with you.
  4. I started leveling a priest on Burning Legion, ign is Ments on horde, my warrior's name is Ramrit and my shaman is Savr. all horde, if you want to ill level a hunter with you until you get to 35.
  5. sorry i haven't been on lately but yeah, i'm down to start asap. just give me a date. if you want, we can play this weekend if you're interested. i'll be making an undead rogue. just let me know what you want to make.
  6. well. after looking around Kil'jaeden horde is our best bet, i get a good ping on there as well. when ever you get on send me a message and we can go ahead and start, we can also play on Burning Legion thats where my main is, the pvp there is pretty good. just let me know what you want to do.
  7. well, i'm ready to start when ever you are toss me a message.

    im having second thoughts about Kil'jaeden going to spend today looking through servers, since we are both east coast i doubt we want to be on a west coast server.
  8. Kil'jaeden Horde is fine with me. When do you wanna start? It looks like someone else may want to join us since he left a message on my visitor wall. So check it out and let me know what's up.
  9. was thinking Kil'jaeden horde.
  10. what horde server do you wanna go to?
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