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  1. I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it.
  2. Hey there Groteske! where the heck you vanish off to?! *pokes* hmm?
  3. I know I love it when you molest me.....Do it again!
  4. Shhh!! god doesn't have to know about this... anyway! you know you like it when I randomly molest you. :3 <3
  5. I am going to tell God!
  6. Hmmm.... *molest* Don't tell anyone I did this to you!
  7. HEY NOW! molesting people isn't nice! you should be ashamed of yourself mr!
  8. I see a uhh... *molests* Victim!
  9. I see a cyber goth! *hugs* :3
  10. Oh and log on xfire... I'm so bored right now! *cries* ; ;
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