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  1. in boreas, i might join hordaine, but im leaning against Cesedria. one of those too.

    might be Cesedria though
  2. I think on the next beta I'm going to make a shield warrior just for that really long stun skill.

    We should join the same nation. I'm thinking of maybe picking Hordaine.
  3. im a pure fire mage, our side in yelsord has been using tactics to hell, been on a winning streak.
  4. Oh, I play the first server as a level 24 lightning mage on netz side named Anubis.
  5. yeah ive been playin on it, freakin awesome, im on the second server, yelsord
  6. Hey claud do you play Fantasy Earth Zero?
  7. Oh, well that sounds pretty interesting. anyway good luck with that man!
  8. a way for zombie bodies to stay on screen. so you see the damage youve done by the piles of dead bodies.
  9. I see... What are you trying to obtain if I may ask?
  10. yeah me and a person with the ID mudkip, were screwing around with this server until we get what were trying to obtain.
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