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  1. Pretty much just Ragnarok.
  2. What games do ya play nowadays? :o
  3. No I don't use xfire anymore.
  4. Hey do you still have Xfire? We need to talk more often. c:
  5. Whats your server/ign/class? :o
  6. Ah thats cool, I was thinking about plaing Dragons Nest too but not sure if it's as fun as the CN version.
  7. Mostly playing Dragon Nest and FF14 currently. Was playing APB, but the game's falling apart again much like it did before.
  8. It's alright to be honest, I kinda sorta quit a long time ago myself. What games do you play nowadays?
  9. Nah, I gave up on it honestly. When I discovered that endgame for most people is the occasional raid and maxing classes out using a bard in Venifang, I just left. Sorry
  10. Do you still play EE? If you do by any chance, whats your ign/race/server? :o
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