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  1. Lol thx, someones got to represent da home land .
  2. Your avatar is for teh Win!
  3. Hehe nice . I usually don't listen to our music because it all sounds the same. There are of course a few good ones this one I like as well.
  4. ROFL! I know right!
  5. Yeah I thought so too....And to think onrpg wasn't a uniting force....Oh the irony!
  6. Ahh I see. I was sure there weren't any of us on this forum besides myself, surprised lol.
  7. Yeah I know, would have been better to be born here or stayed there. Now I'm in Chicago, almost in the center of it.
  8. I totally agree, and we managed to come at the worst possible time. Bush just got to be president around that time . Where exactly are you now?
  9. Ah, I came here 7 years ago too....It sucks.Pardon, it REEKS.
  10. ooh lol nice, and no I live in NY now came here about 7-8 years ago .
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