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  1. Well it's a forum, most posts get read but no one answers, it ain't a live conversation, but I understand what you mean since I myself get ignored often hehe..
  2. RE: DarkAztaroth I dont't think im part of this community i get ignored sometime.
  3. Haha, yes, the community changed alot in the last few years, but it seems you survived the hardest part, actually becoming part of it, most new members disappear and get forgotten within the first few months after they joined because they've been treated like crap :S

    Well, anywhere you go, some people are dumbasses' gotta get used to it sadly..
  4. Your right about one thing people are assholes here. Not very friendly people here.
  5. Ahh well, welcome on onrpg, people here can be assholes, but this is a funny place most of the time ^^ Just watch out for trolls, they're hiding under bridges, waiting for the perfect moment to attack with their torches and flame everything in sight ! Watch out ! lol this place is nice once you get to know people, really ^^' this place ... does become addicting... and not in a good way Ahh well here I am rambling on again like an old man lol, just welcome ^^
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