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  1. U can add me up on facebook ^^ Arturas Poe but if i am on facebook then i am always on forums ^^

    And umm i worked from 14 years old ^^ i always preferred work cuz i just love money
  2. i worked since i was 17 and now i think i need to rest for a while when i am done with my work..but yeah i know what you mean..sooner or later i will get this feeling to start working again because its just boring to have too much freetime.

    Anyway - i just saw you have facebook too. I rlly need to download a communication prog to chat with you or other people. hyarume and the rest always asking me about x-fire but i was too lazy to download the prog xD

    at first..i will add you on facebook (my real name is Felix - smiliar to fenix ^^).
    So if you are not on in the forum i can ask you there or i will get x-fire soon
  3. Working at the moment ^^ cuz i am more of a working person ^^
  4. hehe so you wanna study or working in a job?
  5. ye i was in UK but cuz of some things i had to go back ... and now again i am thinking of going somewhere to live ^^
  6. oh i thought you were allready in the UK (lol) Netherlands are great. Amsterdam is one of my favorite citys. Specily at night..looks great. Every year i drive with my friends to this city or to a smaller town around amsterdam to have some fun ^
  7. was thinking of going back to UK but idk maybe netherlands ... or somethin like that ^^
  8. tohught you know allready. I thinking about newzealand or smth like that + i will fly to england for 2 weeks. Saw a picture of a nice landscape there...wanna see this with my own eyes xD (St.Ives)
  9. i still don't know where too ^^
  10. yeah ok. I dont know if i have time either..^^ Perhaps 1,2 days. 1 Day this weekend and another day on the next one. You are going to another land? which one? I will fly around the world when i am done with my apprenticeship (this summer) and than i will study but i still dont know if i should study in germany or if i go to another land too
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