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  1. Of course bro, haha! Thursday's when I get everything so i'll give it to you then
  2. im down to try, send me the stuff through pm man, download it over night!
  3. I'm running it on a laptop Nvidia 210M bro, i'm sure you can(of course I gotta do it on all low though, but idgaf haha)
  4. Do you think i'd be able to run it? 9800gt geforce nvidia display, 2gb of ram, and im runn'n windows xp?
  5. Hey bro, I get my collectors edition of Final Fantasy 14 shipped today and it'll be at my house by Thursday, want to play with me haha? (The collectors edition comes with a buddy pass which has no limitations and the game has no monthly subscription right now so it's full retail )
  6. Seriously bro! I'm usually on a good amount of the day haha. I have been so lazy this summer, i'm either hanging out with the girl, hanging with friends, or LoL. x)
  7. ahaha for sure man, need to play some LoL
  8. Dude, no homo, you were made for me.
  9. we came as romans! Listen to that shit when I workout!
  10. Yeah, i'll do like 50 sit ups and bicycle kicks in the steam room with a weight ball, but all that does is make the ball slippery and make me lose all the water in my body haha.
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