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  1. It's all good, I might get back to Aika too, I miss it xD
  2. Hi haven't been on here lately went back to playing Aika .... back to the pvp fun
  3. Good good! lvl 27 dex swordsman in MP, haven't been on much thanks to work ):
  4. How's it going
  5. I made a swordsman on MP called AmazingAtom so there's no difficulties x)
  6. We will catch up online with each other at the same time one day. I tried again just now. I guess I need to leave school building huh lol
  7. I also have another account that has a lvl 67 int swordsman but I don't want to play it because it was A LONG time ago and my name is so lame lol :P
  8. NICE, hahaha! I'm lvl 22 atm, on right now! (FurendoriTora) I could switch to MP and make a new character since i'm not high atm :P
  9. Yay the community is still alive. Decided to log in for a bit I tried to add you but you weren't on. Started a Brawler lvl 11 "CherryLipgloss" SG campus and switched to my lvl 93 Shaman "Zariy@2" MP campus (it was still there) as soon as I switched I got pt by the chickens lol
  10. Yeah, I got back on and get to 13, and then I was about to turn in a quest and get booted off and i'm like wtf?? Then realize that it's maintenance.. hahahaha!
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