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  1. So I heard you got your cat pregnant.
  2. You're not a cat.
  3. Tsk, Tsk, I am no more of a cat than you are, but if you are a cat, then so am I.
  4. You are not a cat.
  5. I would suggest you put more consideration into that comment, for by labeling me as a "puppy" you fail to take into consideration that I am but a fellow cat, only just not a kinda cat who has nasty thoughts of other people's cats.
  6. Sure, go play with each other, puppies.
  7. You don't wanna mess with him, I heard he fitted axe blades to his guitar. He'll **** you up ugly.
  8. I will kill you two.
  9. Hizumi told me you want to engage in naughty-naughties with him.
  10. Who the hell is Llyod?
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