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  1. Hey Xeno, just thought I would give word bro seeing how your the only other OnRPG member that I can confirm has a great interest in epic poetry/Literature. Anyway I just graduated High School and for a grad present was given A leather bound, gold page binding edition of "The complete Works of William Shakespeare", and a leather bound, gold page copy of the full "The Divine Comedy". Also I highly recommends the book "Neuromancer". It was the novel that started the term "cyber punk".

    Take it easy pal
  2. I couldn't resist your husky voice. :3
  3. Xeno I couldn't resist.
  4. Well, if you're interested in Epic Poetry (which is what the Divine Comedy is) I'd start out with the piece of literature that started it all. And by it all, I mean it all. This is the first piece of literature.

    Epic of Gilgamesh.

    It's a short read, even if a little slow, but be sure to get a copy with a really good introduction. Usually epic poem introductions put me to sleep, but the version I had actually got me excited to read it.

    What I found fascinating about the Epic of Gilgamesh is that 1. it's still very readable, despite being thousands of years older than the Bible, and 2. even six thousand years ago people and poets were asking the same "big questions" that we are asking today. Questions about guilt, old age, immortality, friendship, sacrifice, etc.
  5. Wow! Which books would you recommend, I am always up for a good read. Preferably not anime (I despise it)
  6. You'll get much, much more out of the Divine Comedy if you study Italian history. It's almost a waste of time to read it without having done collegiate studies on Renaissance Italy. There are better books for pleasure reading.
  7. Ah no, simply pleasure reading. I love the ideas presented in each book however.
  8. No, I haven't.

    Also, I take it you're studying Italian history?
  9. Wow, no I didn't thanks for the heads up. I love those books so much. You ever read "I have no mouth, and I must scream?" Very underated but eye opening none the less.
  10. You know Aldous Huxley wrote George Orwell a letter explaining how Brave New World was a superior book to 1984?
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