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  1. Yeah i know haha! Wow holy crap....and nothin much...just in my senior year about to graduate! And then....sadly go on with life...=[, more responsibilities, no more free time and play 8 hours of MS...haha, god i can't believe we use to play that days...

  2. !!!!
    Haven't spoken to you in the longest time! Looking back at this convo thingy.. it looks like the last time I messaged you was almost a year ago! (Jan.24.09) o__o
    Happy New Year! ;D
    So what's new? : )
  3. KAMMMILAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Waazzaaaaahh! Haha, how u doin buddie? =] Haven't spoken to you in quite a while...
  4. Lol, yeah i guess alot of girls have to tippy toe when they hug me, lol. I just got done playing halo btw. =P, i went 34 and 8. Haha. Legit?
  5. Ha, I have to tippy toe to give hugs. ;X
  6. Hahaha, I guess so lol, i think i saw her tippy toe lol!
  7. Haha.. :P
    so like, does she have to tippy toe or something? :P
  8. Lol no im only 6 its not hard at all hahaha. At first i was like....dang she fkin then like yeah...its all good. Lol.
  9. Woaah, and aren't you like.. 3092485092845feet? xD
    Isn't hard.. or stuff.. like, hugging and making out and whatnot? o.o
  10. Lol! My gf is the same size...5 feet...haha, omg. I guess its a indian thing? Lol! Well atleast he lets you go to ur guy friends...jeez.
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