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  1. Oh, no, sorry, I have ... no ****en idea where I got it x-x and ... well I can't exactly host this kinda stuff on photobucket x-x
  2. uh I dunno, I use photobucket for everything but when people usually host things like that I notice the name "filesmelt" a lot.

    And I figured you had the original link. If it's that much trouble, just don't worry about it..
  3. I meant where could I host it
  4. Private Messages, lol :3
  5. Never too sure lol, but well I dunno when you're online and stuff and its not like I can host this kinda stuff for long x-x how could I send that to ya... .... x-x

    I'm also going to sleep for today ~~
  6. Of course! I LIKE guys, obviously :3
  7. Mhh.... just one detail I'd like to make sure about... it's a male*
  8. I have probably already seen it at some point, but regardless, you should show me the full version of that avatar~
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