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  1. Indeed, indeed. So, how art thou today?
  2. Gotta love that sarcasm It's just me though, there is relly no point in letting people know how you really are.
  3. Well you do a damn good job of hiding the fact that you don't give a shit. lol
  4. usually im just joking with them by acting serious and everyone thinks im serious but im not thats the best part about it..
    i personally in RL don't give a shit. LOL
  5. Just ignore 'em, and be sure to watch whatcha say. People here aren't very kind to some newcomers. Also, and I reiterate; IGNORE THEIR RESPONSES. The reason why they bash you is because you take the bait/take things to seriously.

  6. Just so you know and don't miss out
    it's *let's bash caden* day again..
    don't miss the excitement..
  7. Ohmaigod.
    Thank youu. <3
  8. Chyeah. Np, thought u was perty kewl.
  9. OHAI.

    Thanks for the add there, buddy.
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