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  1. . . . . okay then. . . just look em up lol
  2. just shut ye trape ill figure it out on me own
  3. description of looks AKA appearance. looks: character, out ward appearance. dress. form. pose. manner. cast. presence. semblance. idea. facade. lol enough synonyms?
  4. it didnt matter where i put my photo and thank you but i wasnt the only one that posted a pic under my description of looks lol (brain dead cant think off other name for looks lol)
  5. im proud of you. well ur charries but you should look more closely at the begging sheet *hint hint some pics SHOULD be at the bottom. * and work on ur posts ull be great! no offence intended
  6. You. . . . . . .
  7. hey! lol. well i posted on supernatural. and you should hurry up on your Blood+ charrie
  8. :P child!!!!!!!!! whats up?! TALKS TO ME!
  9. hey hey hey. . . whats up?
  10. the Shadow.of Chaos.

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