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  1. Though google I found your news about Darkblood on-line returning, now, I have seen the site, and other news about Gamehi hosting the game... but all of them are from the Outspark era, and even then, they were saying (news) that Gamehi was the publisher of Dark Blood (along with Outspark) on North America, Japan and Europe. How is this possible? Is the news of the game returning just a sad overlook or am I missing something that isn't appearing on my searchs? The last news of Gamehi were from years ago, is there any other site were I can see what are they developing?

    I was a hardcore PvP player of Dark Blood, me and my group of friends would be really, REALLY excited if the game ever returns. Please, any kind of news about this game that you gather will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and I hope to not take too much of your time.
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