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  1. Oh, awesome.
  2. Seriously, I have just as much power as I did before. It's more of a name change to differentiate us from our coming clone robot pirate army, of which us Super Mods shall be supreme commanders.
  3. i feel like im talking to a very powerful man now. is this true?
  4. All active mods got promoted to Super Mods, who have PURPLE NAMES.
  5. why is your name purple WHAT IS GOING ON IM SO CONFUSED
  6. Your avatar is surprisingly buns.

    And by buns i mean two dudes being bromosexual.
  7. I went ice skating yesterday for the first time, and i have to say it's one of the most fun things, ever. Lol. Too bad i don't have a rink where i live at normally. (I'm on vacation atm)
  8. Pets in some cases are stronger than normal party members.

    They also level up with you, and so don't take a percentage of EXP like normal party members do. And since the game is balanced to level up with at least a three person party, you end being a couple levels stronger.

    Still, I prefer party members over pets in this case.
  9. Cool cool. i like in-depth pet systems.
  10. It's simple enough. Drag and drop to feed pet. Don't feed yr warrior pet magic items unless you want it to have useless +intelligence buffs, or feed yr combat mage pet fighter armor unless you want useless +strength buffs.

    You get the best pets by completing side quests where you summon one from a rift. Dire Wolf you get early on and it makes an awesome tank.
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