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  1. Starcraft-2-Journey-to-Diamond-League-Wk9 comments:

    ZvT: You don't have much problems here because you're trading cheap units, for expensive units.
    ZvZ: You're encountering problems because the baneling tech, 1, costs a lot of gas to tech to, and 2, costs a lot of gas for units. In the mean time, your opponent can go speed lings and is 1 zergling to take out 1 baneling. Or use 1 zergling to take out a ball of banelings. It's a very bad trade for you.

    ZvP: Toss has the strongest units in the game, but they also have the most expensive and slowest to produce units in the game. You need to take advantage of this fact. Scout, expand, and do good trades. Don't forget to spread creep, micro your queens, and expand. If you are a 3-base zerg, and you're going against a 1-base toss, it should be a pretty easy win. Also, muta-harass can be insane annoying.
  2. I see. That makes sense. So if I do not see them trying to expand and enhance economy too much they are most likely producing a large army for an all-in.
  3. "Later that day I was put up against another Protoss. He played very passively and continued to increase his army size. He was most likely trying to max out his army and then finish the game. However, that is very hard to do on one base. He expanded very late and by that time my mutalisks were able to continuously poke his expansion, denying mining time. After realizing how far ahead I was, I simply morphed a large army and finished him."

    Sounds about right. I don't play passive, but when zergs beat me, it generally sounds a bit like the quoted section above. Be careful of "early pressure". Zergs generally allocate more resources towards econ at the beginning, and if the opponent doesn't out-econ you, then they'll have to out-army you, otherwise, they'll just lose. Hence, if the don't have econ, then they're mostly going to try to out-army you.
  4. Thanks for the tips.
  5. Don't underestimate your opponent, even if they're at lower rank. The match making has decided that he's a worthy opponent, and he should be treated as such. Who knows, maybe you're secret rank is diamond, and his is too. You never know.

    Anyways, regarding versus Protoss. I'm a protoss player, and versus zerg is generally one of my harder match ups. If I can't do things that essentially guarantee me a lead within the first 8 minutes, it's going to be a very tough game going forward. These include preventing an expansion, attacking with void rays, wasting of larvae, or taking out the expansion before defense goes up.

    Anyways, from most of my games, I get hit with roaches quite early, either that or they build an expo and obtain such a huge econ advantage that it's just a matter of time before I lose. Good luck.
  6. Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I'll check it out. Feel free to add me @ Abubakr, 109.
  7. You should play around with the Yabot training map. It allows you to test various units against each other. Don't feel bad about econ victories. For the most part, that's how zergs win.

    I'm a protoss player myself and vs zerg is one of my toughest opponents. My units are so expensive. Zerg units are cheap, plus they get their expo early, so it's a pretty bad formula.

    Anyways, in regards to that battle, if you play it out in the Yabot map, you can see that proper mass lings will totally own that composition. Good luck on your rise to the top.
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