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  1. um the color button is not working! >w<;;
  2. i bid 400 dollars and didn't take them from your pockets.
  3. Cause they show that I'm ready to get down to bidniz.
  4. do you like neckties, why do you like neck ties... it might choke you!
  5. It's more accurate to ask, "How much cookie does your chocolate have?"
  6. oh i see and how much chocolate do your cookies have :o
  7. It has to do with how they can still access the site to an extent, and how their cookies are set up.
  8. do you have any idea why bella_edward stays login 24/7 when he's banned? :S lol
  9. hey cloud i accidently reported the wrong person? if you see emnesty on your reported list please delete it, thank you (i hope you see this in time >.<)
  10. -0- nipple tape.. you guys always play with those stuff? :S
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