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  1. Saya or Wayne
  2. Sounds great. Anyone I need to contact to join?
  3. yes. Basilisk with 31 people so 3 slots left because its level 10

    we got to level 10 without a single botter unlike that trash club.
  4. Ahh I see... Are you currently in an active club? That's pretty much why I'm in it just so I have people to talk to while I grind.
  5. they are monitoring now to avoid reports, anyways even if it doesn't get in your way i suggest you finding a real club... Legion, PowerRangers, Anomaly have slots available.

    it really hurts your reputation staying in such club, its rather better staying by yourself clubless >
  6. The wildseven people never get in my way and just talk to whole time. Doesn't bother me too much that they bot, since they don't get in my way.
  7. um you should leave wildseven, its a botter club... fallen garbage pile of dung club.
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