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  1. Grimm i wanna play apb. :| do you have a spare account/key ? D:
  2. Wow that really sucks. Ask em for 20 of it. Lol
  3. I've got 500 on a visa, its useing the visa that's the problem, my grandparents decided to hold onto it until i find a job..

    It's my money too...
  4. once you get $20, its hngnhnghngnh epic
  5. Balls, I do not have. Do want though.
  6. minecraft. <3 that's all ive played. xD
  7. LAWL, it was about me calling that guy an abomination.

    btw got any good games i could try out? I'm dieing of boredom
  8. Haha, what'd it say? I forgot.
  9. Just saw that rep you sent me a while back. I don't get alerts on that anymore so it takes a while. Thanks anyway.
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