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  1. I'm glad you liked it, I was afraid it might have misrepresented your character. Though I still think, if you can, you should make an end post, just so it's full circle. And any inconsistencies that appears, i can change in my post.

    Hopefully, i'll see you in Happy Home 2. It'd be nice to see recurring characters.
  2. Just dropped in to say I liked the ending you gave Basil as it went along my lines of him pretty well. Glad you picked up the hints about Bazil not being the friend he pretended to be. Hmm,,, hope I didn't make it too obvious, anyhow thanks for finishing it nicely for him.
  3. I was planning on posting tommorow in going to the room and write the diary, but if you want you can just lock the doors and I can post something along the lines of me walking in before you close it, or you can wait until tommorow morning if alright with you^^.
  4. Just asking to wonder you will write one more post before heading to your room, or will that be the end of this chapter, and Jack Rabbit could come around and close all the doors.
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