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  1. Nothing to worry about ^^. Research? That far already! I still have a few years before I start any kind of research. You haven't missed much in the end since Kien isn't connected to the rest of the group yet. However! The plot is finally starting to reveal itself!
    Post when you can ^^.
  2. Sorry, for the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGG absence, stream of midterms, and some application for research funding, and yeah. Lesson to self, don't procastinate. But next week is a break, so hopefully i can catch things up, and write something.
  3. Life keeping you busy? ^^. Just asking since you've been so silent recently.
  4. Haha ^^. Indeed, it is about time. Interested? ^^.
  5. It's about time.
  6. Jack remains, but leaves after everything's over. So if there's a sequel, he's still there. And i think Befram should do the ending for Bazil now, if he does, i'll wipe that part out.
  7. A look into the future.. ? Fascinating! ^^. Although I'm glad you didn't reveal more than that since there are a whole lot of things taking place after the end of Happy Home(they are possibly in the to-be-sequel). I have to say though that dialogue is always the best part of posts for me. It's because that's when you can get creative and really hook up the readers ^^. I find them to be most interesting.

    In any case it would appear that Jack took his leave after the incident, correct? Oh, and well done with Basil ^^.
  8. That'd be good. Curiosity killed the cat, but it got nine lives.
  9. I can send the ending I originally planned to you via PM ^^. Give me some time though.
  10. Sure thing, I'll try to do the best i can. Though i wondered, what would be the ending if it continued?
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