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  1. I guess that's the new colour of moderator names now. ._. I never really notice these things haha. How are you?
  2. Your name's purple :o.
  3. Working sooo hard. @_@
  4. Working hard as ever huh.
  5. get on msn now!!!
  6. Damn that does suck indeed. Psh I ain't no jRock. :P
  7. *place holder*

    beening on 56k net sucks...can't even find good jrock emo hair pics to spam you with!! D:
  8. Psh, you're just jealous of my silky smooth and straight azn hair.
  9. let me buy you a nail polish, i mean bal- oh shi-
    car wash?
  10. Haha why? I don't think a wig could cover up my hair now. :P
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