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  1. True true, but I had to go and bring Goku into the mix, thus spurring Norrin's lock-happy fingertips.
  2. it was already dead once the know it all comicfags got hold of it. ^_^
  3. Sorry for killing your thread DD
  4. i watched like, 3/4 of the first one, seemed perfectly fine to me. you were clear, pretty well spoken, i guess so long as you stick to the plan you can't go wrong really.
  5. did you watch my videos? have any helpful criticism maybe? :/ no-body is watching them (stupid graphics section) lol
  6. nothing. =]
  7. right-o
    not even aim? gmail? icq? yim? xfire?
  8. i don't really do msn.

    feel free to give me a poke on here if you need anything though. ;]
  9. yo! How come I never befriended you before? Thanks for all your techie help and all. Think we can chat it up on msn or something?
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