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  1. wowww you're alive!!
  2. I haven't been away that long, I swear!
  3. yo PM quota has been reached.

    anywho, if you're ever bored, chances are I'll still be around OnRPG (I srsly don't know when I'm gonna ditch this place for good, haha), so drop by whenever!

    oh, and it's nice knowing you're alive! (It sounds weird, but one day some random person messaged me on MSN (wow, so long ago, back in HS), saying something happened to you and they needed to find as much information as they could). It was kinda creepy, but oh well, at least you're alive! haha

    hope life's treating you well, and you have yourself an awesome Thanksgiving too!
  4. Ohmygoodness Piggy, you're alive!
  5. You haven't visited OnRPG in over a year! :c
  6. 10 characters.
  7. psst. It's been over a year since I last messaged you.
  8. I see a nub.
  9. Piggy! I haven't talked to you in the longest time. D:
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays nib. :]
  10. Pigggggyyy! >:O
    nub. :]
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