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  1. I would. I tried. I don't know how. ^^
  2. Haha!
    Well, I might be RPing here more or less. :/
    I got annoyed at Anglo acting like I was invisible, and claimed I was going to leave for good. D:
    Thing is, I actually liked it there, and I might just stay away from the chat box for awhile. xD
    Also, if you like RPing, you should join too. You get to go all out on A Time of Dragons, unlike here. D:
  3. I see. Well without you and Wes, I guess I don't want into ZN anymore either. =x Just cause i love you girls! ^^
  4. Well, you see, there is this RP Aero (Aerobella) made. It is called A Time of Dragons, and Crazy joined it. Everything was running smoothly, until Deth joined in. He spammed the chat box and it got so bad, he was banned. I also think it was for logging in with weird porn names and also pretending to be an officer by spamming a bunch of nonsense.

    Anywho, it seemed like right after Deth got banned, Crazy went...well...crazy! He spammed the chat box, would not listen to my desires for him to stop spamming (I was made a mod of the chat box, so I had to warn him), cursed at one of the members for saying he should listen to the mods, kept cursing anyway (is not allowed; PG-rated), and even went as far as calling the main owner names.

    Then there was the hour ban I gave him, which he got really angry about, just because I was doing my job. After all, I was just trying to keep the chat box free of law breakers, and he got angry at me. When the owner banned him, he decided to go completely rebellious and ban me from all his RPs.

    Not that I had any reason to stay. Weskers quit, so I really did not have anyone close for Lusia to remain in the Zombie Nation RPs. Well, there is your character, but Wesker was the whole reason I did not up and leave awhile ago. O.O
  5. Why is Craztfreak so **** about you anyways? What're you banned for? what did you do?
  6. Sorry. I was on the forum Aero made, called A Time of Dragons. D:
    So, since I can spread my wings there, I kind of appear less on here. D:
  7. Where have you been, Lolo? I MISSES YOU!
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