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  1. Aww. I miss Wesker. =(
  2. Loki is I don't know about Wesker though.
  3. Kay, than. Is Wesker and Lokuri there, too? I really miss them. D=
  4. Oh that's easy. All you gotta do is register. Then when you do that go under character Ref and create your character. Also the name of your character will be the name of you profile so just keep that in mind when you register. If you have any other questions you can ask me or Aero (She's the Admin).
  5. I tried to join there, like most my other friends here, but I don't know how! >< Oh, and HI AEROBELLA!!!
  6. Sh' whatever I am not a stalker. Anyway I've been hanging out mainly at A Time of Dragons. But I back now.
  7. Alin'Dal. =) Where've you been, And yes, you're a stalker.
  8. Aww come on Alen'dal it's Leon (Ya I think I spelled that right. I can't remember.)
  9. o.O It's a person! I forgot who you are. =3
  10. Yo Worgan what's up?
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