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  1. Well, you post your bio (by the way, there is a character sheet that allows you to choose whether you want to play the part of one of the listed races/dragon or one of the listed races + dragon) and have it approved before RPing.
  2. btw, do i have to get approval before posting a bio?
  3. sounds great. I'll take a look, thanks for telling me
  4. I posted on The Black Rose Tavern RP.

    I love how it started out as a simple tavern RP into a complex RP about royalty, lies, and trickery. :o We totally reversed what the RP was supposed to be about, and there are only the three of us RPing on it now. xD

    Has it snowed where you live? :o
  5. Try posting in The Specials RP once in awhile, kay?
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