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  1. Thanks so much. :>
  2. Happy birfday
    Enjoy it, live it.
  3. Sweet, glad you got it to work
  4. YAAAY! notenoughcharacters..
  5. P.S; Feel free to delete that wall of text once you're done, I should've had pm'd it LOL.
  6. Ok, right
    you have the dock so all you have to do now is right click it or a icon->Rocket Dock

    You'll have a set of options
    -Icon Settings allows you to change the icon of the application or folder you have in your dock(the specific one you're right clicking on)

    -Delete Item and add item, delete removes the shortcut out of the dock and adding divides itself in 3 options

    -File->for programs(msn, firefox, adobe, word etc etc)
    -Path->Folders (My Documents, My Music etc etc)
    -Blank-> Don't use it since this one is really pointless due to the ones above.

    Then you have the dock setting that allows you to change the dock's interface, opacity, size etc
    check the run at startup and minimize windows to the dock for the same effect you saw in my desktop

    The other options are pretty blunt within reasonable but in case of any doubts ask away, have fun.
  7. SO LIKE. I got RocketDock and stuff but I'm still a newb with it. How do you get the programs you're running onto the dock?
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