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  1. Hey Jojo, Bloody told me she needed me to write a song, for your fanfiction. So i need details to write about. Ill gladly right one. PM me about what you want in it(:
  2. Thank you jojo, i lost internet when i was going to post it so thanks!!!!
  3. Your wish shall be considered, but it is best you do hurry, because I do actually want to start this up sometime soon.
  4. i request one more day *pleads* i will post tomorrow after school. . . okay?
  5. You should hurry on the sheet. *Yawn* Cause I am started once theres three characters.
  6. Um alright.
  7. NOOOOOOOO *Screems and shakes you* YOU CANT DO THAT!!!!!!!!! your words are awesomeness i like them, and i steel them
  8. That is okay, I will try (Not saying this is completely possible) not to use words that nobody uses.
  9. ah, well then i apologize for the slang. I will try not to use it. I try anyway but it slips out.
  10. Ah, I dont really like slang words, it annoys me beyond belief.
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