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  1. Also why the **** are we not buds? This is perplexing.
  2. Don't forget to take your Groteske shot. It's the #1 way of preventing all Groteske related illnesses.
  3. 3DS is the devil! Stop supporting the devil.
  4. But meh your VM needs some lovin.

    Oh yeah! She's a naughty girl. She likes it when I type all over her face.
  5. Your 1988 mac can't be used to watch DVDs or play this gen video games on.

    So really I don't get how that nulls what I said about TVs.
  6. So are you going to become a Muslim?
  7. You are slowly becoming a sexy old man.

  8. Damn you old man! DAMN YOU! lol
  9. MSNBC is just as bad as Fox News.

    And yes I agree generalizing a group of individuals is bad no matter how you do it but sometimes it is the easiest thing to do and as such is done frequently. A group is defined by the radicals who act badly and the top dogs running it. The people in the middle who are just following what they believe are bashed.
  10. Well because of everyone having different opinions I don't know if we can generalize any group of people because there will always be misunderstandings.

    While some liberals like to badmouth the other side it goes both ways.

    Just look at Fox News.....
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