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  1. i am glad that you are happy now
  2. did you find that rp?
  3. lol im not related to them, they are bro and sis, I think they are twins o.O
  4. ok, anyone else, i think i am missing someone, oh wait that foxy and screen.
  5. Bleed is my sister! And chaos is my best friend lolz.
  6. well, i'm glad to be talked to by you guys. the whole situation is pretty cool.
  7. lolz not much, playing round on our seperate computers.
  8. Hey guys whats up
  9. HEY brit, its Bloody and chaos lol. We are sitten right next to eachother yet are too lazy to type on different accounts.
  10. Thanks, i thought it would kinda work. This will go bad won't it, and if so, i have another plan. i Stay behind and the rest keep going and regroup with beta. what do you think?
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