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  1. yeh i dont play often either.

    mind pming me your im names(if ya use em) would probably be better and more effecient through an imerrr.
  2. I don't have the patience to hit 30 in LoL, just been playin' casually. Mostly after midnight, work and stuff has been nuts, can't really play except on the weekends or late at night.
  3. i've been playing since closed beta! I recently abondoned my old account because i wanted to see if the reason i was in low elo(about 700) was due to the first abotu 15 games of mine being throwen or if i'm just suppoed to be there.(so testing if i am in elo hell or not)

    So i play occasionally on Jikael or Jikeal now. I'd probably be playing WoW if i had the money.
  4. I haven't played much recently, been getting back into WoW. Hit 85 3 days after Cata dropped, haven't touched it since. Been running heroics. You play LoL too?
  5. Jikaili or Jikalla Elnido
  6. Hai. I see you are playing Maple? IGN+ server nub.
  7. why elooooo deeerrr
  8. Whenever you are ready Zac, lets decide a server and lets REROLL!
  9. lawlll you only have 1 friend.
    J/k :P get back to me asap so we can start the rerollin
  10. Rawr? aaaaaaa
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