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  1. Ok, and the details, like what will happen, what is the plan
  2. No, no PMs. We are an organization of justice, transparency and justice! We don't hide and scheme in the darkness like the Pro-Loricers. You will know when the Final Strike is launched.
  3. Aye, PM me the details
  4. Thank you!

    When we launch the Final Strike, will you be there to support us?
  5. I'm immabrit, and i support a pro-Xenonight society,
  6. hey xeno can i revive a dead thread
    from last year that someone else posted
  7. i closed the other one because
    it wasn't at all good i wish to
    start a new one is that ok
  8. thankyou for closing my thread
    i hadn't read the rules and didn't know
    but i was in the wrong
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