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  1. Both haha
  2. Haha im confused are you Aimee or FLuttershy ? D: Or perhaps both
  3. Yeah I'm still alive, just don't really post here that much. Missed this since I don't use this account anymore, but my laptop still was logged into it and I saw I had a message. Umm, if you want to get a hold of me, my new user name is Fluttershy (<3 MLP: FIM lol)
  4. Are you still alive? lol
  5. Have some extra money.. duno if I should resub to Aion or Rift..
  6. Only thing I'm really playing right now is League of Legends, haven't found anything else that I can play currently.
  7. You still playing mmos? what games you playing? Im so bored . I wonder if Rumy will kick me for being inactive
  8. I'm in the same boat as you actually, and will have to quit as well. Rebuilding my entire computer pretty much left me broke.
  9. You still playing aion? I'm going through serious financial problems and cant even pay the monthly fee can just barley pay for my internet lol
  10. Thanks alot but I couldn't take your money. Ill just farm fess for 5 hours and hopefully make a little money
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