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  1. Hey do you play Tribes Ascend? I played with someone a while ago with the same name as you... they kept kicking my *** lol
  2. I'm having fun with it, though I've never made it past 34 so far. Keep changing class.
  3. I bought tera and played it for like 4 levels. Then a few things came up where I couldn't play MMOs for a while. Is it good at later levels??
  4. My final project for my senior year was a pretty massive undertaking. I was helping design and create a small computer game prototype. Anyways I'm mostly playing Tera and LoL right now.
  5. Oh I see.. why was it hectic? I haven't even started going to college yet lol. Im thinking of becoming an EMT or Paramedic tho.. I haven't played an mmo in a really long time. I just recently started browsing this site again. What games are you playing?
  6. Pretty good overall, but had a really hectic end to this last semester.
  7. Hey how have you been?
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