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  1. sure but i cant promise i know the answer :P
  2. have registered downloading gonna join if i need help can i ask ? because i am bad with foreign games
  3. i dunno man, i heard they increased security when creating accounts but dunno with how much ;s
  4. Possible for everyone to play PSO ?
  5. I know right man I started playing FFXIV and really everyone talks about what is bad ... but they don't see how beautiful whole world is ... and i like crafting and the game GIVES like A LOT TO DO with that crafting i feel like playing runescape and well ^^ its epic cuz i loved runescape

    everyone can only cry about defect but then WHY play the game ?
  6. oh sucks u cant play, get back soon!
  7. nah i am on bussiness trip atm ... cant play shitty internet at hotel ... ^^ lool and i am stuck at nightmare ... act 3 just farming around without doing any quests ^^ got my 40% magic find so i get a lot of yellow drop ^^ still what others say of wizards is all just talk ^^ lool i am using close range build and i do not die like others say ^^ almost 50 lvl btw :P
  8. i just put the files in the d3 folder and thats it >.> didnt had any issues

    the read me does state this though:
    2. Run Diablo III, if the launcher starts the game, the filters might cause it to crash.
    Try starting the game again if this happens.
    OR run the game without the launcher by running "Diablo III.exe" and not from your desktop or using the "Diablo III Launcher.exe"
  9. how did you make it work ? i get an error ?
  10. oops i made a type darkd3 :P at
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