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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaat someone got resurrected !
  2. looks like you need a apology for not being notified when meowy quit! sowwy..
  3. wuut are ya talking about ?
  4. uhoh, i think i have a tailbone, on my profile i posted my thread link so view there for more info >.<
  5. i thought im not gonna try it but i dont even knew about it (what?)
  6. HaHa well gfx is kinda messed up i didn't really expected that game to be liek that i thought i would try beta atleast but hell no
  7. i didn't even like like the first ss i was like ew i hope i dont se- ****
  8. well now ima scared of sleeping ya and i agree on champions ... just too much when i first saw few SS's it was great oh cool nice ... and after that its liek 10 pages and its soo annoying ...
  9. im gonna slap you then shave you and then sl- shave you and sla- shave you again. k? no seriously i dont want anymore champions.
  10. oh noes rofl
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